28 JANUARY - 4 MARCH 2012

"I see that I
secretion and dead lilacs
cherry trees and
the lonely passion

I see that I
touch deep blue water
that the yellow
the past
presses away from me

the strongest
the servant

around the chin
a band or a belt


By juxtaposing expressively painted acrylic glass panels with sculptures made of pigmented delicate paper, fabric and wood, Astrid Svangren makes the entire exhibition space at ANNAELLEGALLERY part of her artwork. Astrid Svangren sees that each work serves an individual element, but that they together become one artwork – a painting. 

Astrid Svangren looks at the painting as a costume. The colored fabric or paper acts as a garment, topically pressing and stimulating, but also protecting the underlying layers of the work. 

Astrid Svangren works mostly in parallel with words and pictures. The long title comes from the notes that she takes in her studio. The text changes during the work and help her understand what she wants to achieve and what the color represents. The words serve as yet another layer in her work.

Astrid Svangren, born 1972 in Gothenburg, currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has an MFA from Malmö Art Academy 1995-98. She has been part of solo and group exhibitions at Moderna Museet Malmö, Moderna Museet Stockholm, Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm, Malmö Art Museum, Kiasma Helsingfors, and Ystad konstmuseum, among others.