24 MAY - 21 JUNE 2012


Four young recently graduated artists, all from different art schools, open the fourth exhibition at ANNAELLEGALLERY. Containing collages, paintings, installations and sculpture, the exhibition highlights the relationship between different realities. All artworks included in the exhibition illustrate the relationship between different materials and how they relate to another – by layering material or placing them side-by-side.

Ellisif Hals (1981), born in Norway but lives and works in Malmö Sweden, has a BFA from Oslo National Academy of Art, Norway. She creates collages that are both double-and three-dimensional projections. Hals uses dry-point shots as starting points in her work. After layering the same image in different colors, she cuts out fields in the layers. Hence, she creates a parallel picture that emerges through the color differences. Her work hovers between two conflicting scenes –both the physical depth of the layers and the visual effect of depth. Hals demonstrates the relationship between the physical real depths created by the layers versus the illusion of depth in the drawing.

Max Ockborn (1983), recently graduated with an MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 2012, comes from Stockholm but lives and works in Malmö. Ockborn´s art focuses on different transformation processes. Sometimes they are literal such as to transform furniture to pedestals or wood to soot, but sometimes they appear in a more symbolic matter. This means that he is interested in the border and overrun between different spheres of reality. 

Olof Inger (1979), recently graduated with a BFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm 2012, lives and works in Stockholm. Inger sees his paintings as objects that carry information – that they represent objects, for example a cross or an icon. To create his abstract paintings, Inger often uses different materials such as tin, tarpaulin and plastic, which all relate to each other in various ways. In some cases they are layered and in other cases they are placed in relation to another, always to illuminate the present in which we exist. Inger means that our memory is abstract, that our feelings are abstract, that our senses are abstract and therefore, life is abstract. 

Simon Mullan (1981) lives and works in Berlin, graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna/Trans Medial Art 2007 and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm 2009. Mullan works with video, performance art, collage and installation, which often highlight the role of masculinity in society. ANNAELLEGALLERY presents two series of Mullan´s abstract collages: Blade Runners, a series of knife blades placed on sandpaper, and Alpha, a series of large collages made by old and new Alpha jackets that are sewn together. Composed these two series represent "men and their tools" as Mullan makes the tool becomes the object – the artwork.