ANNAELLEGALLERY is pleased to inaugurate 2013 with a solo exhibition including works by the Swedish artist Hans Jörgen Johansen. The exhibition consists of a series of new works, all inspired by textile design. Seen as mental landscapes, Johansen´s photographs appear to be in continuous transformation, constantly changing the focus from every detail and the whole.

The photographs are deserted and beautiful, depicting natures undergo transformation. By carefully monitoring and manipulating the molding process, Johansen allows staged models and patterns to grow into rotten "landscapes". Resulting in evocative landscapes with endless horizons, the desolated environments look like as the nature of the Swedish island Öland, which is where Johansen grew up.

Hans Jörgen Johansen (1961) was born in Borgholm but lives and works in Stockholm. In 1992, he received an MFA from the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. Previously, Johansen has been parts of solo and group shows at Liljevalchs, Karlskrona Konsthall, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Saltarvet Fiskebäckskil and Brändström & Stene. Additionally, Hans Jörgen Johansen has done public art for Stockholm City and the State Art Council - for example at the Psychiatry´s House in Uppsala and Stockholm Cruise Center, Frihamnen Stockholm.

In the fall of 2012, Johansen was rewarded with the JCDecaux art prize The Art Break 2013 for his ability to evoke an imaginary world that challenge our contemplation. Consequently, images of his works will appear in bus stops throughout Sweden in 2013. The jury includes Mårten Castenfors, Pontus Bonnier, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Marina Schiptjenko and Carina Herly.