21 MARCH – 21 APRIL 2013

ANNAELLEGALLERY is pleased to present Leena Nio´s first solo show at the gallery and in Stockholm. The exhibition, titled Casual Orders, contains a series of new oil-on-canvas paintings.

In this new series, the Helsinki-based Finnish artist illustrates the balance between order and chaos by depicting everyday situations as they are actually perceived by the viewer, showing several impressions and events occurring at the same time. For example, braided hair and rope that are simultaneously being tied together and dissolving. Her work is based on one´s specific ability to quickly gather information, organize, and interpret what one sees.

Leena Nio has the ability to play with perspective in order to challenge the traditional way of seeing. She uses painting as a medium that makes it possible to visualize phenomena that goes beyond the realistic and logical by playing with the surface and depth of the paint itself. In order to create superimposed layers, Nio experiments with the thickness and structure of paint and its effects on light, creating emphases and distortions in visual depth, opening up new possibilities for interpreting the works.

Leena Nio (1982) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. In 2010, Nio received an MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Recently, Nio has been part of solo and group shows at The Armory Show; Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki; Copper Smithy, Fiskars, Galleri Forum Box etc. Her works has been collected by Kiasma, Saastomoinen, Heino Collection, Jenny Antti Wihuri Foundation, State Art Collection, among others.