Astrid Svangren (1972) received an MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 1998. By juxtaposing expressively painted acrylic glass panels with sculptures made of pigmented delicate paper, fabric and wood, Astrid Svangren often makes the entire exhibition space part of her artwork. Her works are titled with a poem - always written by her. The long title comes from the notes that she takes in her studio, which often changes during the work process and help her understand what she wants to achieve and what the color represents. The words serve as yet another layer in her work. Recently, Svangren has been been part of solo and group exhibitions at Tracy Williams Ltd, NewYork; Wanås Konst; Artipelag, Stockholm; Moderna Museet Malmö; Moderna Museet Stockholm; Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm; Malmö Konstmuseum; Kiasma Helsingfors; Ystad konstmuseum, among others. 

Beata Fransson (1977) received an MFA at The Art Academy in Malmö in 2004. Currently, she is a Mejan Resident at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Fransson works with photography, installations and objects. Creating her works, Fransson is inspired by the time when photography was invented and what sort of desires and expectations the society had on photography during that time. Recently, Fransson has been part of solo and group shows at the Finnish museum of photography, Helsinki; Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, The living art museum, Reykjavik; Fotogalleriet, Oslo, among others. 

Emil Westman Hertz (1978) received an MFA from The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. He works with an integrating approach and across different media covering sculpture, installation, collage and drawing and with a wide range of different materials such as wax, wood, bronze, clay, bone. His approach is often that of a Westerners fascination of the “foreign”, the “exotic” and the ”other” which like a boyhood dream of the explorer continuously lives on in our postcolonial, information saturated and cartographically exhausted age. Recently, Westman Hertz has showed his works at Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen; The Armory Show, New York; Henry Heerup Museet, Copenhagen; Sorö Kunstmuseum etc. His works has been collected by Arken and Magasin 3, among others. 

Ellisif Hals (1981) received a BFA from Oslo National Academy of Art, Norway. She creates collages that are both double-and three-dimensional projections. Hals uses dry-point shots as starting points in her work. After layering the same image in different colors, she cuts out fields in the layers. Hence, she creates a parallel picture that emerges through the color differences. Her work hovers between two conflicting scenes –both the physical depth of the layers and the visual effect of depth. Hals demonstrates the relationship between the physical real depths created by the layers versus the illusion of depth in the drawing. Recently, Hals has been part of solo and group shows at Kulturzentrum, Hannover; ANNAELLEGALLERY; Ystad Konstmuseum, among others.

Hanna Ljungh (1974) received a BFA from Parson School of Design, New York and an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm. She works with video, photography and sculpture. At the Christmas Show, Ljungh will present one photograph from the series Vivisections – a photo series where Ljungh stages geological excavations where layers of time are revealed and embodied physically. Recently, Ljungh has been part of solo and group shows at Växjö konsthall, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Fotografiska in Stockholm, Galleri Pictura in Lund, Nacka Konsthall, Virserums konsthall and Vigelandmuseet in Oslo, Norway, among others. 

Kristina Müntzing (1973) received an MA from Goldsmiths College in London 2002 as well as an MFA from the Swedish Art Academy Valand in Gothenburg 2001. Müntzing finds her inspiration from her travels in cities such as Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London, Copenhagen, Berlin and Tallinn. Her artworks often deal with issues such as belonging to a culture, creating a home, ethnicity and loss of orientation. Recently, Müntzing has been part of group and solo shows at Kiasma, Norrtalje Kunsthall, Kalmar Artmuseum, Eskilstuna Kunsthall, Varberg Kunsthall, The Swedish Institute in Paris, 1:st Space in Hong Kong, and at Kunsthall Passagen in Linköping, among others. 

Leena Nio (1982) received an MFA from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 2010. Nio works with figurative oil paintings in various scales. By applying paint in thick layers, Nio lets the subject or object matter develop by systematically scraping off the paint. Recently, Nio has been part of solo and group shows at Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki; Copper Smithy, Fiskars; Galleri Forum Box etc. Her works has been collected by Kiasma, Saastomoinen, Heino Collection, Jenny Antti Wihuri Foundation, State Art Collection, among others. 

Olof Inger (1979) graduated with a BFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm 2012 and is currently pursuing an MFA at Yale University, USA. Inger sees his paintings as objects that carry information – that they represent objects, for example a cross or an icon. Creating abstract paintings, Inger often uses different materials such as metal, tin, tarpaulin and plastic, always to illuminate the present in which we exist. Recently, Inger has been part of solo and group shows in Sweden, New York and Switzerland.

Thale Vangen (1974) received an MFA at the Malmö Art Academy 2010. Thale Vangen bases her ideas on simple movements that are eventually shaped into sculptures. Her works straddle the boundary between evolution and collapse. With her interactive sculptures, Vangen aims to access the ungraspable and seeks to illuminate the relationship between man and machine, dream and reality, and fear and confidence. Recently, her works have been shown at Limhamn, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Lund Konsthall, Gallery Ping Pong, Stockholm Odenplan Metro Station, Galleri Arnstedt, Galleri Thomas Wallner, and Vestfossens Kunst Laboratory in Norway.